Friday, May 21, 2010

Just say "NO!" to'll be glad you did!

Oh my goodness, this is so hard! I know you've been tempted, so you knoooow what I'm talking about. It seems like temptations only come when things are going so've lost the 10 lbs you wanted to lose because you stopped eating desserts, but your new booh sends you chocolates to your office, your new man is awesome, but the sexy eye candy you were tryin to hook up with suddenly acknowledges you, you're reminiscing about an old flame (that was so good, but no good) and you happen to run into him, or maybe you decided to stop going to the club (cause you don't dance no mo...Lol!), but your friend is having a birthday party and she wants you to be there......what do you do?

My people, my people, this one is hard for me because I'm still weak in this area.....weak I tell ya! I'm going to share one with you all. What had happened was....Lol! Seriously, I was out one night with my fam, chillin, and looking oh so fly.....oh I was feelin myself too yall! We had partied till they put us out of the club then took it to the parking we used to say, we tore the club up! As we crossed the parking lot, I spotted an old boyfriend.....oooh baby, I really began to feel myself....because look at me now booh! Yeah I know you want this! Well, he stopped me (I planned on it) and told me how good I was looking and how he missed me (as if I didn't know this). Blah..blah...blah is all I was thinking until he got out of the car.....Lord help me now! Yall that thang there was too fine...okay! I can't hook up with him...I have a good dude waiting on me (before marriage). I went thru it yall...I didn't tell him no to begin with like I should have. I got in the car with him (I did that!) and rode around the parking lot...because me and the fam had an agreement...we came together we leave together so maybe if he would've had a few cute friends it would've been an after party....okay! Long story short...I did not hook up with him, but I sure wanted to (just being honest) and the only reason that I didn't wasn't because I had a dude, but because I was with my peeps. Ooh and I wasn't about to leave them hanging for no dude....pleeeaaase! I count this as a victory although I didn't use any will power against the tempter, but I didn't allow it to go any further than that parking lot. I told him that I had a man and "NO" we can't keep in touch. Why didn't I have the urge to say that from the get go (oh I'm so ghetto right now...Lol!), but really, why?

I believe that most of the time we are tempted by that which we desire most. Really, how many of you that have a man (be honest) have been tempted to kick it with your ex or have kicked it with your ex? You still want that, but you don't want all the other stuff that comes with it. Ladies, this is your ego...mmmhuh, your ego. I've been there, done that, so I'm here to tell you why I didn't say no from the get go. I DIDN'T WANT TO! I wanted that man to swoon over me, I wanted him to remember all of this, I wanted him to wish that he had me.....all of that is just ego trippin! Oh I'm the only one? Whatever! You don't have to admit to it, I will, so step back and let me get delivered! If dude had been know, if he had fell off then there would not have been any temptation. I like fine, sexy, well dressed men...soooo that's what comes my way, ex's, mailmen, truck drivers, business men, etc. I have matured and grown a lot over the years and especially now that I am reunited with my husband, because there was a time when my motto was "what you won't do, another man will"! I meant it too, for real.....quit playin! Looking back on some of the temptations that I've overcome and the ones that I haven't brought me to a point of really wanting to know "why?" is it so hard for me to overcome all of them. I told you all that I am being honest with myself about I asked myself and myself said "huh?"....Lol! I had to be real honest about it....I just didn't want to say "NO" when certain temptations came my way. I would weigh my consequences....and if the results were in my favor, I did what I wanted to do. This is not the right way to live your life, but we all have to go through a process of spiritual growth. When we get to that place of understanding then we will be able to overcome any and all temptations no matter how big or small. I'm working on me and I hope that you will do the can begin by sharing some of your triumphs or bloops, whatever works for you. The objective here is to hold eachother accountable...stop cosigning to the madness and tell your peeps "we came together, so we are going to leave together"! Lol!! I fall down, you fall down, we all fall down sometimes, but it's easier to get up when you have a helping hand. This was fun for me....I laughed the whole time I was typing, but I got it done. Until next time...........moving onward and forward!


  1. God always provides a way to escape temptations and we have to be mature enough to escape. I agree with you on this topic. Hind sight is always 20/20 and makes one wish for that foresight at the moment of the indescretion. God is faithful, and He loves us despite our mess ups.

  2. Yes He does....ALWAYS! He gives us the ability to make choices and sometimes we choose outside of His will for our lives, but there is nothing that can keep us from the love of God. No matter what we do, His love endures. I can testify to this truth!