Saturday, June 12, 2010's not for the weak!

I do a show with The WIFES( each week and I noticed that we are a very diverse group of women when it comes to personalities, but I did notice the quality in each of us of being STRONG women! I think this says a lot about women that get married......we must be strong......and if you are not when you get into the marriage....ooooh you will become! Marriage is not for the weak at heart or the weak minded person because it brings about challenges that we must be ready to face head on.....I'm talking about financial, spiritual, emotional, and physical situations. You can not just up and run away when there is an issue in the marriage if you expect it to work!!! You have to......I stress, HAVE TO, as in you are obligated to resolve the issues. I have observed a marriage where the wife was just passive(weak) about everything and the husband thrived on this behavior because he knew that he had no limitations, although he wanted his wife to check him, he knew that she wasn't so he just kept doing what he did. When she began to learn new things(when you know better you do better!) and began to incorporate it into her marriage, homeboy wasn't too thrilled with it, but he began to respect her his own admission, he couldn't just get away with whatever and that made him feel like his wife paid him some attention. Now that's just one scenario, of course on the other hand in this same situation someone else probably would've been in divorce court, but it all worked out for the good on their part because they loved eachother and in the end she gave him what he truly desired......attention!
I enjoy the different views of each of the ladies, simply because it allows me to look at my situation in a new way. This helps when you don't have all the answers and you need them. You need to learn new ways to keep the marriage going yourself must be strong in order to do this! I know that some people may mistake being strong as being in the forefront or that you must handle it that's not the case. When I say strong, I am suggesting that you put on an I CAN, I WILL, and an I AM attitude when it comes to your know what I'm sayin! I can make it happen, I will help make it happen, I am here for you when it happens....just to give some examples. Just know that if you are must exercise your brain, heart, and body to keep it tight!!!! I will get into the body part next time because we definately need to talk about that one! I believe that you understand where I'm coming from......well I just had that on my mind.....don't know why, but it had to be for a reason so I hope it helped you.......Love ya!

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