Saturday, January 25, 2014

Begin Again!!!

 Have you ever given up on the most important person in your life? Have you ever given up on YOU? It may be difficult to answer this question honestly at first, but if you dig deep, you'll find a goal that wasn't accomplished,  a desire dismissed, a plan never implemented,  a dream deferred. Why am I asking you this? Well, I came to realize that I had once given up on ME, the most important person in my life, but I realized that it wasn't too late to BEGIN AGAIN! I'm here to ignite that passion that's deep within you so that you too will BEGIN AGAIN!!!

Yes, I'm about to air my dirty y'all know that I don't sugar coat this thing called LIFE! It gets ugly sometimes and that's just real! How can I help you walk in your truth if I'm living a lie? Now let's go back a little.....In October 2012 all hell broke loose in my world.....lost my unborn child in my second trimester,  left my abusive husband, became a single mom overnight, after 12 job/income, no transportation,  and no where to live....homelessness and seemingly hopelessness.  I allowed my situation and circumstances to influence my decision to give up. Yes, I had lost my desire to push through.....I was dying! BUT GOD!!! In spite of what I didn't have, I still had God! Although I had quit,  God was still working on the inside of me,  through me, through my MESS! He said, BEGIN AGAIN!

Today, January 25, 2014, my kids and I are in our own home, our own transportation and my talent in cooking has ignited my entrepreneurial passion and given me the ability to generate income......and my passion for encouraging others is the air I breath,  I can't live without it!!!! BEGIN AGAIN is what I keep hearing God say.

This new season has just begun and it doesn't matter what is going on around you, what's going on inside of you is all that matters.....God is working! Let's continue to walk in obedience to God's call on our's not for or about us! Remember, with God we can always BEGIN AGAIN! It is my prayer that you LIVE BETTER,  BE BETTER....PERIOD!