Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Everyday is new!

I just laid in the bed today feeling a bit overwhelmed from my troubles, then I realized that everything that was on my mind happened YESTERDAY! Why was it still on my mind? I tried to shake it, but nothing happened. That same OLD feeling was there.......AAAAAAAAAAAH! Yes, I screamed for relief. Still nothing! I thought maybe talking to a friend about it would lift my spirit, so I called my friend JESUS. I began to pour out my soul to HIM, and he softly spoke to me saying, "Everyday is new". That is what I needed to hear! My entire mood switched from overwhelmed to overjoyed simply because I decided to talk with my friend. I'm sure if I had not taken out time for my LORD, my day would have continued to be gloomy. I'm so glad that I made the right decision. Whenever you are feeling down on yourself or just down to HIM. I know that there are times that we feel undeserving of HIS MERCY, but as it is written, "HIS MERCIES ARE NEW EVERY MORNING", it doesn't say some mornings, but every morning! It took me a while to understand (stand under) the WORD, but once I let go of the world's view of ME and accepted GOD's description of who I AM, something opened up inside of me. I promised myself that no matter how ugly things may get, that I would stay true to who God says I am!
 I almost stopped telling my story because I just didn't see the point, but God quickly reminded me that it ain't even about me! Honey, if I don't tell it then someone will be lost and I don't want to live my life knowing that I could have saved someone and I didn't. Let me get on my job!!!

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  1. I really enjoyed your commentary. I like when you said, what happened, happened YESTERDAY! And don't worry, God gotcha boo! Keep praying and believing and acting on your faith! Watch God!